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JANE ANN SAMMONS - My name is Jane Ann Sammons. I have been a rural carrier since 2008. I was an RCA for 10 years. In 2018 I went full-time and I became a local steward in 2019. My husband also became involved in the Auxiliary in 2019 and is now the Vice-President and a junior sponsor. I have 4 kids in the Auxiliary, 3 of which are junior officers. We all have a great love and respect for this union.


SANDY HALL - Assigned Office:   2255 Memorial Boulevard, Murfreesboro, TN. 37129     My name is Sandra (Sandy) Hall; I retired from the Tennessee Department of Corrections after serving 36 years in 2017. I started with USOS on 9-30-2017 as my retirement job; I was guaranteed2 days a week. I’ve been working 6-7 days a week ever since. I became a member of NRLCA on 4-4-2018; I became a regular carrier on 1-5-2019. I was elected as state delegate in 2023. I attended my first national convention as a non-delegate last year in Grand Rapids Michigan. I would like to have the opportunity to represent Tennessee as a delegate this year for the National Convention. Thank you for your consideration. 


RACHEL REEVES  - My name is Rachel Reeves. I started working at the Oakland USPS as an RCA in 2018. I became a Regular Rural Carrier in 2022. I was blessed with the opportunity to attend my first State Convention in 2023. It was amazing! Eager to learning more and helping my co workers I decided to become a union steward in 2023. I believe everyone should be involved and informed to make a difference. I’m hoping to help educate as many co workers that’s willing to learn. I want to learn more by going to my first National Convention in 2024. Help me, help you make the post office great again! Vote Rachel Reeves! Thank you!

SUSAN HITCHCOCK  - Hello, I’m Susan Hitchcock a Rural Carrier at the Rock Island, TN post office, and I have just reached my 10-year anniversary. I started out at the Spencer, TN PO as a TRC in May 2010 and became an RCA when those positions were eliminated. I’ve been elected as my county’s Sec/Trea twice, once as the county’s Vice Pres, twice as the county’s President, and served as a state delegate three times. Recently, I completed certification training as my office’s local steward. I’m excited to address concerns and resolve conflicts as they occur. I don’t take for granted the rights our predecessors fought for, yet it’s important to continue to make sure all our voices are heard. I’m a fighter and a diplomate. I look forward to voicing this state’s ideas and problems at the next convention. I would appreciate your vote for the TN National Delegate. 


NICOLE THOMPSON - I am asking for your vote to become a National Delegate for our 2024 National Convention. I have been active as a local steward for 7years.  I have also been the Vice President for Shelby County for the past 3 years.  I have been a delegate to our state convention for the past 6 years. During my tenure, I have learned and be grown  to help others in the Craft. Being a Delegate would elevate me to become more knowledgeable in our Craft and to better assist in ways to help grow, build up and sustain our future.  Please vote for me. Thank you.

CHARLIE GAINES - Hi, my name is Charlie Gaines. I live in Crossville with my wife of 20 years, Amber, three kids, and four dogs. I have been an RCA with the post office for two and a half years. I have been president of my local for two years and have been steward for almost one. This year will be my third state convention.  I have past experience as a steward and in contract negotiations on the local and global level as a member of the United Steel Workers. I would love to go and represent Tennessee on the national level.  Thank you for your consideration.

JUDY BEREZANSKY-HINTON - I would like to tell you a little about myself and why I would like to attend the 2024 National Convention as a delegate. I worked at the post office for 28 years (6 years as an RCA and 22 years as a regular carrier). I also served as a local steward, the Chief Steward for Knoxville, and as an Area Steward. I am currently serving as the State Secretary/Treasurer for our union in Tennessee.  Additionally, I served on the Credentials Committee at the National Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan, last year. I believe our union is a vital and necessary part of working as a rural carrier at the USPS. I also believe we need to stand firmly together to become a stronger union so we can better meet our challenges, and I’m asking  you to vote for me to represent our craft in Reno. Thank you.

COURTNEY POLATTIE – I have worked for the Knoxville Post Office since 2004 and became regular in 2013. I have had the privilege of being elected District and County President. I have been honored to represent Tennessee as a State and National Delegate. I have been an Academy Facilitator since 2015 and a Local Steward since 2018. In 2022 was elected to the TNRLCA State Board as an Executive Committeeman. I love serving my union and encourage everyone to get involved. I would appreciate your vote to represent Tennessee at the 2024 National Convention.


TONYA YARBROUGH  – I started working at the Post Office in 2016 and became regular in 2019. I became a Local Steward in 2020 and was elected Chief Steward in 2023.  I have served as the Knox County Vice President and remain the Secretary for the past three years.  I was first given the privilege to serve as a State and National Delegate in 2022. Immersing myself in the firsthand knowledge that the National Convention provides has made me a better Steward and Union Represenitive.  I would love the opportunity to continue my learning experience and serve Tennessee at this year’s National Convention.

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